Stone structures are much more visually appealing than brick and pass the test of time too. We've got seven ideas for stone structures that can easily find their way into your backyard if you know the right people.

Landscape lighting can enhance your home's finer points such as your garden or fancy stone siding. Before taking on the task of creating nighttime aesthetics, let's go over the basics.

We've all done it -- leaving un-raked leaves on the lawn only to have the snow cover it. We're not proud of it, and neither is your Significant Other. You've got relatives coming over for Christmas and, even if the temperature drops below freezing, you're going to have to get that abomination up soon. But not to be alarmed, here are some leaf blower options that will make getting those leaves up a breeze.

In this world first impressions mean everything. The same holds true for your front yard. What people see in front of your home could make or break a sale.  

You've got your patio done. Great! Now you want to install an outdoor fireplace. Hmm. This opens up a whole new world full of potential setbacks. Take these basic considerations into account to avoid any unnecessary expenditures. 

Add the finishing touches to your gorgeous landscape lighting by using various fixtures to showcase your property. Not sure where to start? Let us help.

While safety is the most obvious reason why you should have a fence around your pool, there are two more imporetant reasons to consider that will save you embarassment and/or a fine.

Flagstone is the perfect choice for your home because it adds natural beauty without a great deal of maintenance. 

Soil erosion can do a number on any structure. In this case, the structure happened to be a patio. But thanks to a referral, this Fairfax resident didn't have to go down with the ship. 

The frost is biting away at the wonderful garden and plants you nurtured earlier in the year. Don't let all that hard work go down the drain. Here are 3 ways you can help preserve your plants during the cold winter months. 

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