First Impressions: Landscaping Makes the Sale | Ashburn, VA

In this world first impressions mean everything. The same holds true for your front yard. What people see in front of your home could make or break a sale.  

Changing Elevation

Not every front yard is level, but changes in elevation can actually enhance your landscape rather than being a hindrance to it. Consider planting specimens of varying heights and textures in order to give your space visual interest and help draw the eye in. Multi-level gardens also look nice when large boulders or rocks in various colors are used to accent them as well.

Miniature Habitat

You can create a miniature habitat for wildlife by cutting out a circular section in the center of your lawn, and then planting shrubs and trees of various heights in the middle of it. Add some ground cover and then place a few bird feeders there and sit back from your front porch and enjoy watching the animals.

Water Features

Discover which water features turn heads when you:

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