Well-designed outdoor spaces expand your living areas and endow your house with more curb appeal.

You can do some of this landscaping yourself, to include planting annuals, pruning trees, and setting out a fountain. However, watch out for problems if you intend on tackling more complex efforts such as the following.

Restoration of the five senses is accomplished by knowing gardens are for all five senses, not just sight. Then planning or designing the garden with each sense in mind. 

These plants will certainly provide some needed color for your landscape or patio in the white and snowy winter months. Why should winter ruin your chance to show off a gorgeous landscape? It should not!

While we have previously touched upon the benefits of driveway pavers, they are such a great option for driveway creation/replacement that it is not possible to go over all the benefits they provide homeowners with in just one blog post. Therefore, we will now expand on a few more of the numerous benefits this versatile driveway creation option provides.

With careful placement and manipulation, patio lighting can change the entire mood of your outdoor experience. Creative installation and a knowledge of how to exploit the combination of lights and landscaping can transform the essence of being outside from boldly dramatic to softly romantic with the turn of a dial. You can even use patio lighting to give the area a creepy sensation come Halloween. Outdoor lighting can take advantage of landscaping elements and the type of light fixture you install to create multiple emotional sensations from the interplay of shadow and light.

Metal work is a craft and each piece is a unique interpretation of a specific vision. When choosing a specialty fence to truly accent your home or commercial building, consider wrought iron. As with woods and other fine materials, ironwork needs a finish that brings out its true beauty and depth and also displays the craftsmanship that went into the piece. Finishes for ironwork can range from the industrial to the delicate. Here are some ideas and suggestions on which finishes can truly bring out the best appearance from your ironwork fence.

“The landscape is like being there with a powerful personality and I’m searching for just the right angles to make that portrait come across as meaningfully as possible.” Galen Rowell

What is the personality of your landscape?

Wondering how you can enhance your deck at home? Check out these great and helpful tips to ensure your deck is complete and unique. 

Having a difficult time deciding on what material to use for an upcoming hardscaping project for your home? A teak deck offers numerous different reasons to choose this tropical Asian Pacific native wood as a part of your next project. 

Have a basement flooding problem in your house? This issue is very common amongst homeowners and can lead to significant problems. Check out how to deal with this common foe!

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