Flagstone is a timeless, beautiful, and organic resource to use when building a walkway. Find out why you should consider this fantastic material for your next landscaping/paving project.

Just because it's getting cold outside doesn't mean that you have to completely abandon the outdoors. With an outdoor fireplace Great Falls, VA residents can find warmth even while relaxing on a patio recliner. 

Retaining walls are often used to connect the hardscape and softscape elements of a landscaping plan.

A popular trend among gardeners is to grow rain gardens. Green thumb-wielding residents of Gaithersburg should take note. Your backyard is the perfect place to beautify your home while simultaneously helping Mother Earth.  


Shouldn't shopping for patio furniture be just as easy as shopping for indoor furniture? If you live in McLean this process has gotten a whole lot easier!

Don't let your backyard fall into the category of "boring". Spice it up with an elegant structure or two. We suggest adding either a pergola or trellis. Here's what both can do for your landscape.  

To understand patios you must first know what makes them unique. Whether your outdoor oasis is a brick courtyard, an urban rooftop, or a luxurious poolside haven, each environment makes the best of its surroundings and caters to your budget and lifestyle. 

Find out what happened when an act of God turned St. Barnabas' Episcopal Church in Annandale, VA into a flood worthy of an Ark.

Let's face it, not all yards are the large, sprawling landscapes you see in the magazines. Living in Washington, DC your outdoor living space may be limited. But don't be discouraged. Here are 3 tips that will help you transform your pint-sized yard in to a real crowd-pleaser.

While Fall downpours may not be as popular as April showers, this doesn't dismiss the fact that precipitation this time of the year turn a lot of yards in the Washington DC are into sloppy, makeshift ponds. Don't let the weather get you down. Install a French Drain! 

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