Outdoor Fireplaces: Planning Your Installation | Frederick, MD

You've got your patio done. Great! Now you want to install an outdoor fireplace. Hmm. This opens up a whole new world full of potential setbacks. Take these basic considerations into account to avoid any unnecessary expenditures. 

When it comes to the outdoor fireplace, think about these questions:

  • what size do you want?
  • what will you use for fuel? (pellets, gas, wood, etc.)
  • what styles do you like? (chimney, fire pit, etc.)
  • do you want 360-degree access?

Once you have your patio built and your fireplace installed, let the fun begin! Remember basic safety measures, instructing users about potential hot surfaces and how to properly put out the fire. Keep in mind any possible wind channels and consider putting up a windscreen to block the wind.

For more ideas, including what materials to use:

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