5 Cost-Saving Tips For Wood Fence Installation | Reston, VA

Thinking about adding a wood fence to your front or backyard? Don't leave room for error and make sure you take these five tips into consideration before you get started. It could cost you!

  1. Measure the perimeter of the area where you want your fence installed. This will help determine the amount of materials you'll need for this project.
  2. Have your property line professionally marked. Many people make the mistake of installing a fence without confirming the property line, only to find out later that they've installed their new fence on their neighbors property. This may mean you have to remove your new fence and have it re-installed.
  3. Determine how many gates you'll need and how high they will need to be. With most gates, two hinges are used. However, if you decide to install a taller gate, you'll need at least three to four hinges just to hold up the additional weight of the taller gate.
  4. Your wood fence posts will need to be buried approximately 18-24 inches in the ground so you'll need to allow for that when purchasing your fence posts.
  5. Don't forget to call and have your local utility lines marked before you begin digging. If you don't, and you hit a utility line, you could be fined and could also be responsible for paying for all of the repairs and damages.

For more tips, including the most popular types of wood and information about possible city restrictions: 

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