Two Reasons Why You Should Install A Pool Fence | Woodbridge, VA

While safety is the most obvious reason why you should have a fence around your pool, there are two more imporetant reasons to consider that will save you embarassment and/or a fine.


Another reason to have a fence installed around your pool is that they can add a level of privacy when you are enjoying your pool. If your backyard is not very private from view by your neighbors, installing a pool fence can help to prevent them from seeing into your pool area. This can be beneficial for those who feel self-conscious in a bathing suit, or for those who simply do not like the idea of their neighbors being able to watch them while they swim.

It’s the Law

Due to the safety hazards involved with having a pool that is not protected by a pool fence, many counties and even states are now making it law that if you have a pool, it must be protected by a pool fence. Depending on the jurisdiction you live in, you may be required to install a fence around your pool that meets certain criteria. For this reason, it would be beneficial to you to look up whether there are any pool fence regulations in your area. However, even if it is not law, it would be highly beneficial to you to still have a pool fence installed around your pool.

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