5 Reasons To Choose Flagstone Walkways | Gaithersburg, MD

Flagstone is the perfect choice for your home because it adds natural beauty without a great deal of maintenance. 

Natural Beauty

Flagstone is extremely versatile in terms of style and coloring. It has the ability to accent or highlight parts of your home or office landscape with subtle but strikingly pleasant aesthetics. 

Low Maintenance

Because of its durability and high density composition, flagstone has a reputation for being low maintenance.  


Flagstone can be used for a multitude of applications. Because they are acid resistant, they can be installed directly on top soil, making installation more convenient. Flagstone can also be used either inside or outside the home, making it one of the most desirable and popular decorative stones on the market.


Flagstone has a natural non-slip surface area. The clefts in the stone provide a more stable gripping surface making them ideal for walkway applications. 


Flagstone has the natural ability to resist deterioration due to the elements, it also resists moisture, heat, and degradation do to excessive use. 

For two bonus attributes:

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