3 Patio Designs to Complete You Outdoor Oasis

To understand patios you must first know what makes them unique. Whether your outdoor oasis is a brick courtyard, an urban rooftop, or a luxurious poolside haven, each environment makes the best of its surroundings and caters to your budget and lifestyle. 

Raised Patio

A raised patio sits a few steps up from the surrounding yard and built so that one can go directly from the house onto the patio without any stairs. It is also used with a sloping yard where the first floor of the house is high above the surrounding grade.

Rooftop Patio

A rooftop patio is set on top of the flat-roofed portion of a house. The roof framing of the patio must be designed to support heavy patio materials, such as concrete and stone.

Poolside Patio

A poolside patio is the paved area immediately around the pool, and designed to withstand chlorinated water.

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