Gardens Can Flourish Even in Shady Backyards

Although the trees in our yard provide us with the shade we crave on a hot day, the lack of sun introduces a slew of landscaping design challenges that can vex newbies and veterans alike.

A shady lawn doesn't mean a lawn that can't maintain attractive landscaping, though, and in the hands of professionals, your yard can produce a variety of blooms and ground covers that will thrive.  Shade doesn't have to be an obstacle; when the right plants are chosen, any landscape can flourish.

With a shady lawn, you can incorporate a colorful ground cover like Ajuga, which has glossy, deep green leaves and produces blue flowers in the spring. Or perhaps lungwort, a beautiful plant with a less beautiful name, that offers striking purple flowers and elegant leaves. Another great, early blooming perennial are Hellebore (pictured above), which blooms in a variety of shades in late winter or early spring. Even better, it's resistant to deer and rabbits.

If you're thinking beyond planting and are in need of an expert:

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