Autumn is Almost Here! | 2 Ways to Prep Your Garden for the Spring

Preparing your garden for the best possible start in the spring is easy. Here are two ways you can have that vegetable garden you've always dreamed of even while dealing with mountains of leaves. 


End Of Season Clean Up

You might be tempted to leave the clean up for next spring, but there are some things you should not put off. Leaves can cause damage to plants and lawns, and if you leave the weeds until next spring you may find your have many more than you remember. Rake all leaves and add them to your compost pile. Also complete a late-season weeding to get a head start on next year. Add mulch anywhere you want to protect delicate roots or help retain topsoil.

Plan Ahead On Paper

A great way to plan ahead and take advantage of end-of-season seed sales is to put your garden plans on paper. Taking what you have learned from the growth this year can help you better plan spacing so that all your vegetables will thrive. Take note of any spots that tend to be shady and plan to add shade-loving vegetables next spring.

For a bonus tip that may not have crossed your mind:

Bonus Tip

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