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When it comes to getting the most from flagstone patios or walkways, there are many options and components a homeowner should consider that go beyond simply the color of stone to use. While flagstone patios are a timeless and easily maintained way to improve your front or back yard, the hardscape elements and landscaping plants you choose to accent the overall look can help personalize the space and make the difference between “meh” and “marvelous.”

Hardscape elements that work well with flagstone patios can include retaining walls, benches and even water features. All of these options can add to the overall beauty, and increase the functionality of your new patio. Yet, the plants you choose to accent each feature, or the entire flagstone patio are every bit as vital to the overall cohesiveness of the area and can bring out the softer side of your space.

When choosing plants to accent your flagstone patio, or flagstone walkway, you should first decide whether you are interested in plants that will function as a border, or work in a more free-flowing manner by filling the spaces between flagstones, creating visual interest between each stone. Other considerations include choosing plants that will grow well in the chosen location. Drought-resistant plants will not thrive in damp locations and vice-versa with plants that do well in damp, or shady locations.

When choosing plants for your new patio, or walkway, a fun new trend is the use of “step-able” plants to edge individual stones. “Step-able” plants include low lying plants that tend to “creep” along the ground rather than grow vertically. These plants often offer a lush accent to break up the overall look of flagstone and are a pleasant break from more traditional bark. Additionally, “step-able” plants are easily maintained and can assist with soil retention and work to minimize soil erosion between flagstones.

Popular “step-able” plants include differing mosses, ivies, herbs and more. Many of these plants are resilient to foot traffic and can even be chosen specifically for their scent when walked upon, or “crushed.” Low lying plants such as Corsican mint and creeping thyme are highly valued as accents to flagstone patios due to their attractive nature, seasonal flowers and pleasing scent.

If your tastes lean more to the more uniform, and providing a border, or even “wall” effect around your flagstone patio is the desired outcome, there are many beautiful plants that will adapt wonderfully to creating a barrier between patio and yard. One of the earliest bloomers in the Spring, the vibrant forsythia can make an excellent “screen” surrounding your patio that will keep your Spring and early Summer days filled drops of sunshine. A more “hedge-like,” lower lying option can be achieved with lavender. This herb is renowned not only for its exquisite smell, but also for its prolific purple blooms. Other exciting options can include everything from native, ornamental grasses to rich layers of hosta plants and more.

No matter what your choices are for your new patio, let Johnson's Landscaping Service provide you with everything you need for stunning flagstone patios and walkways. From the hardscaping to the landscaping--we know what it takes to have your landscape dreams take root.  Contact us today to find out how we can create the perfect patio for you!



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