3 Great Advantages of Teak Decking

Photo Courtesy of Flickr Photo Courtesy of Flickr www.crinklecrankle.com

Having a difficult time deciding on what material to use for an upcoming hardscaping project for your home? A teak deck offers numerous different reasons to choose this tropical Asian Pacific native wood as a part of your next project. 

Extremely Tough

Being native to Burma, Thailand, India, and Indonesia, teak is accustomed to tropical climates and all that they offer including variations in temperature, severe humidity, and ever-changing moisture. A teak deck is extremely durable and can easily endure the different climate regions of the United States. It also serves great at keeping termites and other insects at bay.

Easy to Install

An important question many people about to begin a new hardscaping project ask is how hard will it be to install the new materials? Machine or hand saws can be used to cut teak decking. Also, teak decking is usually shipped with pre-drilled holes. Finally, teak decks work great with metal screws such as stainless steel, easing the installation process.    

Variations in Size

Teak decking can be used from decks, to trellises, walkways, arbors, patios, and other hardscaping projects. This deck material varies in size and thickness, allowing for use on any of your desired hardscape ideas!

Why wouldn't you want to take advantage of a hardscape material which requires little maintenance and longevity? Check out the full article from Better Homes & Gardens below.


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