A Bathroom Remodel can Change the Look of your Home | Falls Church, VA

A bathroom remodel with a great new design can increase your home value. It will also make your daily cleaning more enjoyable and relaxing. 

Check out the shower enclosure here and also the tub connected in this contemporary bathroom remodel. Take some time to unwind after a long day at work with a bath in your new tub at home.

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Bathroom Remodeling Tips: How to Choose the Right Cabinet Knobs | Kensington, MD

Rustproof knobs are always a good idea in the bathroom, as high levels of moisture can easily cause damage. For this reason, knobs made from aluminum or stainless steel can be good choices. Avoid plastic knobs, as high humidity levels can easily cause them to crack or break.

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Obtaining Long-term Savings with Bathroom Remodeling | Arlington, VA

Upgrading Your Fixtures

It makes sense to upgrade all of your fixtures in your bathroom, and this is because old fixtures generally lack the potential of energy-efficiency and quality. Although some homeowners think about spending the least amount of money possible on their bathroom fixtures, thinking of these purchases as investments will help you make the best decision. For instance, getting your hands on a superb sink, bath, shower, and toilet will not only ensure you are satisfied with your purchase, but save money from energy-efficiency.

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Bathroom Remodel Tips for your Home

It can be a tough decision to know where to begin when thinking of a bathroom remodel project. Start with your budget! Determine what materials you will be purchasing fit the cost you have set for your remodeling project. Knowing your budget will make the actual remodeling process much easier.

The following are some suggestions you can out to use in your home for your next bathrom remodel project: 

  1. Go Green!

  2. Change Hardware in Bathroom such as Faucets/Showerheads

  3. Checking the Ventilation

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5 Great and Easy Ways to Spruce Up a Small Bathroom | Chevy Chase MD

Towel Racks

Attaching multiple towel racks to the backside of door can be a great way to organize and add storage. Many home improvement stores sell multiples which makes it easy, and cost-effective, to achieve.


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Tips for Tackling a Bathroom Remodeling for the Best Results | Kensington, MD

  • Using high-end finishes is a cost-efficient way to make your bathroom look expensive without spending a ton of money. This could mean purchasing fixtures such as sink faucets and a glass shower panel that looks beautiful instead of spending a ton of money on larger pieces.
  • Taking into consideration the latest trends for remodeling bathrooms can help inspire you in terms of colors to use and other details. By following trends, you can ensure that your bathroom is going to appeal to buyers if you're intended on selling your home soon.

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Home Remodeling: Eight Smart Tips for Having the Bathroom Remodeled | Washington DC

1. Everything Needs to Arrive

Certain products, such as custom countertops, marble materials or bathroom fixtures are created on an order-only basis. The manufacturers will not make the product until the order comes into the shop. While this creates a unique look to the new bathroom, it requires patience from the customer and the contractor. 

2. All Options Need To Be Considered

The customer and contractor need to communicate openly regarding all the options. If the customer is on a tight deadline, the contractor may choose to explore ready-made options. The contractor can help guide the customer through the vast bathroom choices based on the customer's building timeline and personal needs. 

3. Shower Storage 

The customer and contractor need to plan for shower storage. Many showers only have a small shelf to store product, which does not serve the typical family of four. Eliminate injuries and messes by considering in-the-wall shower storage areas.  

4. Make Sure the Underlayment is Removed 

This is a very time consuming task, but the old vinyl or flooring needs to go. Since the flooring may stick stubbornly, it's best to rip up the underlayment along with the flooring. Floor removal needs to be discussed with the contractor before the project begins.

5. Accent Tiles Spice It Up

Among the options for tiling are accent tiles. These are typically mosaic or glass, and are usually expensive, which is why they are used as accents. Line the top of the shower walls with these special pieces for a layered look. Be sure the conversation between contractor and customer includes accent pieces.

6. Curved Shower Rods

Have you ever been to a hotel room with a curved shower rod? There's much more space inside the shower. A curved shower rod is a simple, cheaper addition, but certainly one which will make the shower feel bigger.

7. Fix the Toilet

The contractor and customer should discuss the toilet, especially if the floor is to be retiled. The toilet may be raised too high to work properly after the remodel. If the contractor will need any extenders for the toilet, these need to be discussed in the pre-remodel details.

8. Don't Forget the Lighting

While the bathroom is being updated, it's smart to consider an upgraded lighting. Talk about energy saving options, such as LED lighting fixtures. The most common forgotten part of the bathroom remodel is the lighting, so make sure it's reviewed before the remodel.

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