You have probably noticed the weather this winter is mild. Mild weather can mean more bugs in the springtime. Nobody wants more bugs in their yard and near their house since that means more bug spray on our skin and on our plants. No need to worry with a landscape designer that understands bug problems. At Chapel Valley Landscape we not only specialize in making your landscape look great, we also specialize in knowing what plants will work best in your yard. This includes plants that repel bugs.

What a storm we are about to see this weekend! Winter Storm Jonas will be sure to bring crippling snow to the Washington DC region as well as up and down the East Coast. After the aftermath, you will need to clear passage to your home or business by shoveling out the sidewalks. There is no set way to shovel snow, but we feel these tips will help your winter exercise session when clearing off your sidewalks.

There are several types of plants which are early bloomers in the spring months. Some include crocus, tulips, and pansies. Bulbs planted before the end of November will blossom at the perfect time at the end of winter. 
Is your garden in need of a facelift? Do you dream of outdoor entertaining and Saturday BBQs?
When it comes to landscape design, you don't have to be limited. The landscape of your dreams can be achieved by simply mixing your imagination and a little bit of hard work. You can easily get what you see in magazines and on television.
Building a green roof is a more complex process than building a standard roof, and this is because you will actually be using your roof for a multitude of purposes. It is ideal to take your time with this kind of decision-making as you do not want to regret any decisions you make with designs for green roofs.
When it comes to the overall appearance of a home, landscape and hardscape must work together. While a homeowner can have a beautiful garden, a garden can only look as good as its surroundings.
Spring has come and gone, the flowers are all blooming and the grass is green. We are now approaching the hotter summer months were there is fun in the sun, BBQ parties, and swimming. You might enjoy the warmer weather, but to your plants this can be a stressful time. Here are some suggestions to help with your plants health care during these hot months. 
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