Great Hardscape Design Ideas for Backyards with Minimal Space | Mclean VA

When it comes to the overall appearance of a home, landscape and hardscape must work together. While a homeowner can have a beautiful garden, a garden can only look as good as its surroundings.
It is essential not to forget about the importance of hardscape design on your property. Although it can be a little overwhelming with the amount of options you have for hardscape, having patience is the key.

Take Advantage of Storage Opportunities

Although you may be thinking of functional space in your backyard, you will most likely need to store items outside, so you might as well do it in an attractive and functional manner. For instance, you can store gardening tools with wall hangers, which eliminates the amount of horizontal space consumed. Using this method works in quite a few ways, such as planting a wall-mounted garden. If you decide on customs designs for your yard, you should really look into multi-purpose options to add storage.