The kitchen isn't just a place for cooking and scrubbing dishes, it's a multifunctional living space with character! It's important to consider the what your kitchen is to your home and to your family because when it comes time to remodel your kitchen, you'll want t have a plan laid out that optimizes every aspect of what your kitchen means to you.


Necessities are boring, if not trite. Here's a list of desirable kitchen features from homeowners that break the mold and feed our innermost interior decorating fantasies. 


Interior Designer Heather Gus, of Gaylord, MI, used her sweet tooth to remodel this kitchen. 


Step-by-step instructions on how to build the perfect wine rack


Ever wish you had the glowing presence of a fireplace in the comfort of your bathroom? That option is not an out-of-reach fantasy. Today, many homeowners are choosing to put a fireplace in the bathroom.

New kitchen cabinets can cost a fortune! But you can save thousands of dollars by simply refacing your kitchen cabinets instead.

Getting involved in a home improvement project can be satisfying in many ways.

Letting light into your kitchen can change your experience when cooking or eating. HGTV's Rose Kennedy gives us Six Tips for Kitchen window treatments that can brighten up the mood.Heavy drapes are not a go-to in the kitchen. Look for simpler window coverings such as an upholstered cornice. 

Last month, HGTV's H. Camille Smith got the inside scoop on upcoming kitchen trends at the Kitchen and Bath Industry show. The show featured  design innovations and new technolgies that will catapult a kitchen into the 21st century. If you're looking to update your kitchen in the near future, these trends are a must read! 

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