Window Treatments For Every Kitchen

Letting light into your kitchen can change your experience when cooking or eating. HGTV's Rose Kennedy gives us Six Tips for Kitchen window treatments that can brighten up the mood.Heavy drapes are not a go-to in the kitchen. Look for simpler window coverings such as an upholstered cornice. 


  1. It is important that you let in plenty of natural light. Maximize your natural light with options ike pleated shades.
  2. Choose your colors wisely. The colors of your window treatments are also important, make sure that they complement the rest of your kitchen. Also look out for colors that are on- trend. 
  3. Experiment with texture. Add depth to your kitchen with different window treatment textures, like bamboo or rattan. 
  4. If sunlight is too hot or direct, soften it with options like woven wood shades. This will let in enough natural light but minimize the heat. 
  5. Use different lines. Lines in the kitchen tend to be straight. Break away from straight lines by adding curves to your window treatments. 


These tips can create a better ambiance for your kitchen. For more, read the full article here Six Tips for Great Window Treatments