What Kind of Commercial Fencing Should You Consider for Your Business? | Sterling VA

Commercial fencing can come in a variety of different styles, though picking the right one can sometimes go along with the image you want to convey. This doesn't necessarily mean you can't experiment with fencing that's a little different if you want to set a different type of mood. Regardless, most business and industries pick specific types of fencing to suit a certain purpose along with the stylistic aspects.

Businesses in Industrial Areas

Typically, industrial businesses (or a business located in an industrial area) will go with a chain link security fence. You see chain link fences here because of their affordability as well as their durability. And if it's being used primarily for security purposes, you'll want a chain link fence with thicker gauge, plus at a height of at least a foot.

Some businesses prefer to have that fence with a solid barrier, though it isn't the best choice in the realm of security. The reason industrial businesses use open chain link fences is so intruders can easily be seen rather than being able to hide.

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