Aluminum Fences: Considering Your Materials, Layout and the Issue of Slopes | Chantilly VA

An aluminum fence is going to give you the illusion of a wrought-iron fence without having to worry about rusting. Along with a more affordable price, it's one reason why so many people use aluminum fencing when wanting the iron look surrounding their residential or commercial property. But aluminum fencing isn't going to be available all in one style or even size. You have to consider the materials on the fence as well as dealing with the problem of ground slopes.

Considering Height and Material

You have some options in the height of the fence. This can be decided by the height of the panels you choose as well as the posts. Panels can come flat-topped for a more conservative look or with spikes for ornamental tastes. Those who want to recreate the look of antique wrought-iron fencing usually choose the spiked panels.

All of these can come in varying heights for whatever purpose you have in mind. Some people don't plan to keep children or pets contained in their yard, so a shorter aluminum fence can be used strictly for stylization purposes. These always look eye-catching around residential property.

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