Three Benefits to Cool "Green" Roofs | Bethesda MD

Green roofs are literally, the cool new thing in roofing technology.  Not only do you reduce your carbon footprint by installing one of these roof systems, but you actually keep your roof cool!  Many commercial buildings are using green roof systems to protect their roofs from sunlight, reducing toxins that may be contained in the run off from storm waters, decreasing emissions from heated roofing materials and of course, keeping their roofs cooler.

First, let's explore the definition of a cool roof system.  A cool roof system is usually made up of materials that will reflect the suns energy.  You could use a light colored paint, light colored roof tiles, single ply rubber membrane or light colored shingles.  You will find lots of white roofing in Bermuda for example where the sun can be brutal!

Green roofs consist of several layers, just like your typical garden bed. First there is a waterproof membrane.  To that you will need to add a drainage system, growing medium and of course, the plants! Read more to see all the benefits of cool "grren" roofs...

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