The Huntington Apartment Complex in Alexandria, VA needed a new, maintenance-free fence for their swimming pool to replace an old, outdated fence. Here's what they got:

A great tool to determine whether your neighborhood has more baddies than you once thought.

A landscaper's work is never done! There are always flowers to be planted and landscapes that need maintaining. To beat the monotony find out how local landscape company Chapel Valley gave this Northern Virginia community a sensational variety of flowers and plantings.

Let's face it, your kitchen is boring. Make it interesting by turning it into a pub. Oh, is your significant other frowning in your direction? Abscond to whatever cave you have set up shop there instead. Either way, the one thing you'll need to get started on your journey is a cool way to serve beer. And there's no better way to do this than to make a kegerator. Here are your instructions: 

Your property represents everything from your home home sweet home to your hard-earned cash. Why risk such a valuable and precious thing by not safeguarding your home from menacing tree branches and outgrowths? Here's how you can make sure trees and other vegetation around your home don't become a burden.

To install a quality fence and gate, one must think about how to satisfy multiple parties. The homeowner aside, the HOA and their numerous regulations can get in the way of what you truly want. This job in Manassas, VA provided these homeowners with the best possible result.

Among the various vermin and pests that can reek havoc on crops and gardens, rabbits generally don't cross the minds of most gardeners. However, these buck-teethed baddies are no joke and will come after more than just your carrots. To prevent an all-out massacre of your crops, here are some useful tips to get rid of those rascally rabbits.

From the traditional to the contemporary, patios come in many shapes and sizes. Brick patios are the go-to for many traditionalists. But homeowners who want to give their brick patios a bit of flair may consider these four trendy brick patterns:

Tree stump removal can be arduous process that requires ample amounts of muscle and know-how to get the job done properly. Before you run out to buy an axe, chainsaw or other potentially limb-severing device, please take into considerations these five tips:

The picture above is a snapshot of the Loudoun Tech Center in Sterling, VA. Local landscaping company, Chapel Valley, poured a lot of experience and sweat into making this community of low-rise office buildings into a site to behold!

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