Useful Tips to Get Rid of Rascally Rabbits Invading Your Garden

Among the various vermin and pests that can reek havoc on crops and gardens, rabbits generally don't cross the minds of most gardeners. However, these buck-teethed baddies are no joke and will come after more than just your carrots. To prevent an all-out massacre of your crops, here are some useful tips to get rid of those rascally rabbits.

  • Erect a fence of hardware cloth around your garden
  • Don't use a plastic fence because rabbits will just eat right through it. Instead, use chicken wire
  • Harvest ASAP so your precious crops don't sit out in the open longer than they have to
  • Spray your fence with bunny-deterring chemicals that are also safe for your crops such as Liquid Fence

For more information on defeating the long-eared scourge, visit:

The Washington Post