The Difference between Drip Emitter and Spray Head Commercial Irrigation Systems | Bethesda, MD

Technology has brought a great many improvements to many areas of construction and one of the upgrades is commercial irrigation systems. Coupled with water saving measures, such irrigation is beneficial for keeping landscaping bright, lively and colorful with a maximum of efficiency and a minimum of human effort. Commercial irrigation is designed to deliver the proper amount of irrigation without wasting water, which is especially important during drought conditions. 

Drip Emitter Irrigation Systems

drip irrigation system directs the water into the root system of plants. This method eliminates loss of water through runoff and evaporation. This type of commercial irrigation system is facilitated by using drip emitters attached to a water source. The emitters are located on the ground and typically arranged in rows. The drip emitters are connected to a water source by a drip hose or the emitters are built into the hose.

Drip emitters control the volume of water delivered to a plant in a slow and measured manner. Because the emitters are located on the ground and close to the root of the plant, the water will be absorbed into the ground more efficiently and be more effective with its objective. In hot weather, water delivered through drip emitters will be less likely to evaporate before reaching its destination. A well designed and installed drip commercial irrigation system will eliminate water waste because it produces no or very little runoff.

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