Water Management with Rain Barrels | Arlington VA

Spring is here and we are all watering our laws and plants. That means higher water bills, or does it? Watering plants does not automatically mean higher water bills, if you use some water management techniques. Rain barrels are a great way to integrate water management into your landscaping. Rain barrels can be free standing to catch a few inches of rain water at a time, or can be hooked to your gutter downspout to catch gallons of rain at a time.

There are many types of rain barrels that range in price from a few dollars to hundred of dollars. You can find a rain barrel that easily fits in your landscape, or just contact us and we will help you find the perfect barrel. We would suggest a rain barrel that captures at least 40 gallons at a time. Why so big? Well, one inch of rainfall typically generates about 600 gallons of runoff. So, a 40 gallon rain barrel at each downspout will capture plenty of water.


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