Ways to Use Your Leaf Blower in the Winter: The Surprising Uses in Snow | Reston VA

Have you ever thought about using your leaf blower in the wintertime? It may be something that sounds crazy when there's little around in the thick of winter to blow away. Others might find it crazier when they see yard workers using leaf blowers in the wintertime to blow away thin air just to look busy. 

Clearing Snow Off Walkways

While you'll need to warm up your leaf blower if you've had it stored away for a couple of months, a leaf blower can easily blow snow off walkways. However, as a Michigan blog on MLive pointed out, you sometimes have to tip the blower sideways to keep it from running sluggishly due to the cold weather. When the above blog owner's family did this as an experiment, it successfully cleared off every walkway around their home.

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