5 Simple Landscape Design Tips

Photo Courtesy of Flickr Photo Courtesy of Flickr

Looking to embark on a landscape project but don't know where to start? Completing a landscaping project can be difficult if you never have had any experience with one. These 5 simple and easy guidelines will put you on your way to a stunning and beautiful yard.     

Start Small

People starting a landscape project must understand that they will most likely not have the abundance of resources home and garden television shows have. Start with just a small flowerbed and piece your landscape together. Slow and steady wins the race!

Focal Point 

Either from an exotic bush, tree, or sculpture, a focal point will ensure your landscape design is visually appealing. Let your eyes be drawn through this point to ensure your design is complete.  

Scale & Pacing

This can be a difficult concept for beginners to grasp. Repetition is key, but do not be afraid to add an element which will make your landscape stand out.

Accept Change

The more willing your are to accept a change to your landscape, the better you will be for it. Do not hesitate to change up your landscape design if a plant or flower no longer matches the style you want for your yard.

Wait it out

Have you ever heard a song for the very first time, not enjoyed it, but later down the road, come to find you really like it? The same can be said for landscaping. Be careful you are not too quick to judge. In time, you might grow to love an area that originally never interested you all that much. 

These are just several of many landscape design ideas which will have your yard looking fabulous.  


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