5 Backyard Landscaping Trends for 2014 | Potomac, MD

Now is the perfect time to assess your backyard and begin planning your landscape for spring. Here are five popular trends to consider | Potomac, MD

According to HGTV, the following are some trends in backyard landscape designs that should remain in style:

1) Water features can add instant glamour to an otherwise average design. Ponds and waterfalls are an attractive, natural-looking way to incorporate water into your design. Otherwise, you could choose a portable fountain or put in a water wall.

2) Bringing indoor living to the outdoors has been popular for several years. You can set up sofas and chairs, a fireplace, and even a full kitchen, depending on how much time you want to spend in your yard. Be sure to install appropriate lighting fixtures and look for furniture made with durable fabrics.

3) A related focus for many people when they design their outdoor landscape is entertaining and recreation. They want to make the area not only beautiful to look at, but also practical for enjoying a game of volleyball or Frisbee.

4) Many would argue that low-maintenance, sustainable designs are especially important. They are both economically and environmentally sound, emphasizing quality over quantity and practicality over abundance. If you don’t have a lot of time to spend maintaining your backyard, your landscaper can help you choose plants that can withstand wet winters and dry summers, for instance. Overall, you’ll spend less time maintaining (and more time enjoying) your yard.

5) People are also gravitating toward natural, quality materials, rather than creating extravagant displays. Showy and over-the-top gardens are out, for example. However, the experts say, the landscaping should still be colorful and reflective of the owner’s personality.

We're excited to see what 2014 brings. For assistance with designing your ideal backyard:


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