Green Home Building: Factors about Passive Solar Power to Consider | Potomac, MD

In a future that is probably not terribly distant, when people discuss green home building it will be known simply as home building. Until that day arrives, however, those considering going green face the fact that there are precious few people from whom you can get some homespun advice. Passive solar power is a terrific option, but only if you are as informed as possible about all the factors involved.

  • Insulating Passive Solar Homes

The type of green home building expressly for the purpose of harnessing the power of the sun is typically going to be one of the most tightly insulated houses in the surrounding community. Any part of the home that sporting the potential for an air leak must be properly insulated. That means everything from fiberglass batts in the attic to caulk around the windows.  Before you decide to get all the benefits of passive solar power, it is incumbent upon you to scrutinize literally every inch of your home in search of even the tiniest slivers that can become the site of air leaks...

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