An Insider's Guide to Downtown Bethesda | Home Decor Shops

An Insider's Guide to Downtown Bethesda | Home Decor Shops


Downtown Bethesda is known for its chic shops and well-to-do atmosphere. Like a suburban Georgetown, Bethesda is ripe with local establishments that give you that small town feel.

However, unlike its urban counterpart, Bethesda's suburban location means superior walkability and less congestion for shoppers both inside and outside.

While the Apple store and various restaurants might be the go-to destination for most visitors of Downtown Bethesda, many who are in the know will walk the streets to browse the many quality home and furniture stores that line familiar destinations such as Woodmont and St. Elmo Avenues. 

Jura Koncius of the Washington Post highlights many of these destinations in her article Destination Design: Where to shop in Bethesda. Here are a few of the notable furniture, antique and other furnishing shops she mentions:

Gaylords Lamps and Shades (7833 Woodmont Ave)

Urban Country (7117 Arlington Rd)

Bruce Variety (6922 Arlington Rd)

Lenore Winters Studio (4911 Cordell Ave)

Consider It Done (7806 Old Georgetown Rd)

Urban Loft (7215-B Arlington Rd)

The Blue House (7770 Woodmont Ave)

Random Harvest (7766 Woodmont Ave)

Tone on Tone (7920 Woodmont Ave)

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