Make Your Foyer Stand Out From The Rest

A foyer is a very important part of  the home- it is the first thing people see when they step inside. Often times, design in the foyer is overlooked, and emphasis is placed on other parts of the house. For your next home design project, consider updating this crucial part of your living space with a few helpful hints from The Washington Post Home & Garden section. 

Try focusing on making functional foyer items stylish. For instance, if you don't have a coat closet, try a funky hall tree. In addition, a console table or bench can add flare to your foyer, while maintaining function. These items are also a good way to add color to your entrance, making your home look more inviting. 

In addition to functional design, welcoming lighting is also important for your foyer. Try a chandelier or lantern to brighten your entrance and welcome guests into your home. 

For more tips and examples on your foyer see the full article by Lindsay M. Roberts here: Help Your Foyer Make a Grand Entrance