Trying To Make A Room Gender-Neutral

Trying to combine your space with a member of the opposite gender isn't easy. Many spaces will have either a masculine or feminine feel to them, and taking these looks out of a space can make a room look either empty or boring. You don't have to make your room completely yellow for it to be gender- neutral.

Lonny writer Kristen Hohenadel gives us tips on how to make a room gender- neutral while maintaining character and style. 

  • Instead of eliminating masculine or feminine designs, combine them. Don't be afraid to put floral patterns with dark, masculine wall colors. 
  • Get rid of furniture sets. Get pieces that complement eachother without matching. 
  • Combine textures, patterns, and lines. Get creative when picking out pieces. For example, you can mix and match throw pillows. 

For more details on these tips read the full article here: How to Design a Gender-Neutral Room