Patios: How to Turn Yours into a Relaxing Retreat | Chevy Chase, MD

While there is a time for conversation with your neighbors, you most likely enjoy your privacy, as well. Many homeowners refrain from using their patio or do not think about adding one because they feel like they are not able to enjoy it to its potential. It is important to consider the important qualities of relaxation, which then can be applied to your very own patio for turning it into a nice retreat.

Add to Your Privacy

Not having any privacy from your patio will keep you from going there often, so you need to prioritize this particular quality. It is possible to accomplish this by planting hedges or with the addition of a fence. For those without a current patio, making it far away from street view is recommended, and this is because you will not have to see people or vehicles passing by, which can disturb your peace.


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