5 Best Pinterest Boards for Outdoor Living and Outdoor Furniture | Falls Church VA

Shopping for deck furniture is almost as fun as planning an outdoor living space. There are so many things to consider; do you want a fire pit? Where will the grill go? What colors do you like? What materials will look the best?

A lot of people are using Pinterest to get ideas and inspiration for how they'll be decorating their deck or patio this year. Pinterest is an online collection of photos.  Every user gets to create multiple "boards" which can be likened to a bulletin board. Photos are "pinned" for easy lookup later on and each photo is linked to a website that uses the photo as an illustration. Often, these are in DIY projects or online catalogs.

Deck Ideas and Furniture

Amberlee Ederington of Arkansas has compiled a collection of over 215 beautiful photos of deck furniture. In addition to outdoor furniture ideas, her collection has great ideas for planters and DIY projects to make your deck more inviting. She has an eye for color and texture, with ideas for upcycling pallets, rehabilitating tired concrete and beautiful lighting concepts.

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