Outdoor Grills: Which is best for you? | Chantilly, VA

With spring on its way and summer right behind, it won't be long before it's time to get outside, fire up the grill and get ready a cookout. Grilling is not only an American tradition, it's also a seasonal rite of passage. What would the warmer months be without hamburgers, hot dogs and the occasional steak dinner?

Gas Grills

Gas grills come in a variety of sizes to accommodate grilling needs. They also can come on wheels and use propane canisters, or be stationary and hook up to a gas line coming off of your home. Grilling with gas is an extremely efficient way to cook. Multiple burners controlled by knobs allow you to regulate the temperature, so you can evenly cook different kinds/cuts of meats to desired temperatures. Most gas grills also have racks above the grill, allowing you to roast vegetables or warm buns without burning them. Cooking with gas is faster and easier than cooking with charcoal.

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