A Mesh Pool Fence with Various Heights Helps Protect Your Children and Pets | Leesburg VA

Have you thought about how a pool fence would look around your pool next summer? It's a fencing option not everyone thinks about initially, perhaps out of the thought it would be too restricting. In reality, a proper pool fence doesn't have to be like a traditional fence at all. It can be made to be removable as well if you decide to create one with mesh. Take a look at the mesh option and the consideration of height for the area around your pool. These considerations should be made depending on if you have children or pets.

Designing a Pool Fence for Your Pets

We should never forget that pets can also accidentally fall into pools. While some dogs can swim, not all can. The same applies to cats and other animals. You can customize a special pool fence for pets by using more durable mesh that's resistant to biting or clawing. 

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