Golf Netting: Barrier, Impact and Golf Cage Netting for Golf Games and Practice | Falls Church VA

Golf netting is a type of fencing that every golf course needs to keep golf balls from flying out beyond property lines. Because not everyone is going to be a Tiger Woods and keep their ball right on course, having just a normal fence won't always help. A high-flying golf ball could easily go over a standard fence and land on an adjoining property. It could even cause injury to someone when a ball travels at high speed.

Golf Impact Netting

You'll want to use golf impact netting around your golf course for close range golf shots. The quality of the netting is going to make a difference when the ball hits the net at high speed on driving ranges or near a tee. Nylon is the most common material used, though polyester is considered to be more UV resistant. Either material is very durable and can hold up well for years under sun exposure. Contact us today!

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