Should You Leave Your Outdoor Furniture Outside for the Winter or Bring Them Inside? | Fairfax VA

Outdoor furniture always adds individual style to a backyard patio or deck. When winter comes, though, you may be experiencing conflicted feelings about whether to place that furniture in storage or to leave it all outside through possible inclement weather. Because some people have outdoor furniture that's not easy to move, you may need the balance of leaving some outside and storing lighter furniture indoors.

Applying Protective Coating

Metal and wicker furniture can generally stay outdoors due to their resiliency to the elements. Aluminum furniture, in particular, has powder coating to eliminate any chances of rusting due to condensation. Nevertheless, applying some car wax to metal adds an extra layer of protection if you expect winter conditions to be harsh.

Wicker also stays in good shape when left outdoors. But Bob Vila above warns about natural rattan needing a dark and dry place for storage due to the potential of drying out.

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