Choosing the Right Stone Paving Material for the Job

When the next big garden project is set to begin, and you've got all of your shrubs and flowers picked out, their location, their color, their price, etc... why wait to choose a paving material until last? After all, the paving material you choose is going to last much longer than all of the plants, especially during the cold Rockville and Frederick winters, it'll have to work with all of your color palette choices, and ultimately you'll be building everything around it anyway. So why not pick it first? 

Here's what you need to know about stone paving materials:


Great all-around paver, and one of the most popular. Inexpensive and easy to work with. Available in a broad amount of shapes and colors.


The perfect choice for those on a budget. Easy to install and adds a rustic look. Often used for short-term installations or to separate grounds.


A common flagstone, easy to walk on. Slate is visually soft and uniquely colored: blue to gray and muted reds and lavenders. Not recommended for harsh, unsheltered environments because it has been known to chip.


The super stone. It's strong and durable and lasts seemingly forever. It also comes in a huge variety of color and is a very popular choice to add elegance to a backyard.


A great stone for walkways because of its toughness and color. A familiar paver in most towns and cities, limestone's colors range from dark gray to cream, and it's easy to cut and shape as needed.

If you're uncertain as to what would look best, we recommend mixing and matching to achieve your desired look. Pea-gravel along a walkway, go for it. Granite pavers around a limestone walkway for pizazz? Why not? It's your perfect garden, you can design it however you'd like.

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