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Fence styles can sometimes send a real statement about who you are, and especially in how much you protect your property. While fences can be both short or tall, the material you use on your fence sends not only a stylistic statement, but also how much maintenance you're willing to do or not do. Take a look at the advantages of the most common styles and what kind of maintenance you may need in order to bring the best aesthetic to your fence. 

Wood Fences

We offer many excellent wood fence styles here at Beitzell Fence. Many people prefer wooden fences based on the natural look they provide and the more economical cost in construction. The old wooden picket fence is still in vogue for many homes, perhaps because it's evocative of an earlier era some people still want. They bring an inviting atmosphere to a home that gives a welcome sign rather than hiding away from visitors.

For those more protective of their privacy, wooden stockade fences might be more your style. These are taller and can't be seen through. As a compromise, shadowbox wooden fences provide some solidity while also providing a slight ability to see through to show you're not hiding anything.

You also have the split rail wooden fence that's most commonly seen on farms, ranches or other bucolic settings. However, they don't have to be used only in country settings. These can equally look attractive around an urban residential home.

Vinyl Fences

While wooden fences require some maintenance on a yearly basis, vinyl fences are the exact opposite. A vinyl fence is usually U.V. protected while also avoiding needing paint. These are very durable without having to worry about rust, and they come in a variety of styles.

Vinyl pool fences are a popular option for those who want to close off a pool area while still wanting to see out. Vinyl picket fences are also an option around homes that don't want to bother with wood. From a distance, a vinyl picket fence might look like a classic wooden picket fence.

Private stockade fences also come in vinyl for a unique aesthetic that holds up through the worst type of weather.

Metal Fences

The chain link fence is one of the most common fences and seen in many residential homes going back decades. These might be overly traditional, yet you'll get many years out of a chain link fence due to little maintenance and warding off graffiti. They're also much more affordable and are perfect for keeping pets within a yard space without preventing them the ability to see out.

A highlight within the metal category is ornamental aluminum fences for a classy look. This metal variation can be painted in any color you want while being designed in a way that makes them impossible to climb. They also require little maintenance, unlike iron fences requiring annual sanding and re-painting.

If any of the above styles sound appealing to you, we have them all here at Beitzell Fence. Contact us and we'll work with you to decide on a fence style that best fits your home and surroundings. Frequently, scoping out what others are doing in your neighborhood can help you make a better decision to keep a consistent aesthetic on your street.


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