Achieve Timeless Beauty With A Stone House Front | Silver Spring, MD

Owning a home of timeless beauty is easy. Create a relatively inexpensive stone house front that commands respect at first glance | Silver Spring, MD 

Stone makes a house look more substantial and opulent. It can add considerably not only to its appeal, but to its resale value as well. Depending on your tastes and budget, you may wish to add stone to the lower half of the walls, around the entryway, or create an imposing facade that covers the entire front of the house.

If you are the DIY type who takes pride in creating something of lasting beauty, installing thin stone veneer is one project that you can accomplish yourself with some easy-to-follow instructions.

Here is a brief summary of what it takes to install a natural stone house front:

  • You must have a masonry surface over which to apply the stone. This can be brick, cement, concrete block or other masonry.
  • If the wall is framed construction, you will need to build a vapor barrier fronted with metal lath. The lath is covered with a scratch coat made from a mixture of concrete and sand.
  • The stone veneer is then mortared onto the surface. The mortar consistency and surface moisture should be monitored to ensure proper adherence and curing. Stones may be laid out on the ground beforehand to determine the best fitting and pattern.
  • After the mortar is thoroughly cured, the stone may be sealed. Sealing makes the stone surface easier to clean, and some sealers also repel water.

A properly installed natural stone house front should last as long as your house, if not longer. You will never have to paint it, and it will retain its charm no matter how the weather may try to punish it.

If you are considering adding a stone front to your house:


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