Play Ball! Baseball Backstops and More | Northern Virginia

If you're looking to support a youth baseball or softball organization in your Northern Virginia community, there's no better way to do it than to invest in a quality field. Here are 3 ways you can play ball.

Baseball Coaches/Mentors

The Cal Ripken Sr. Foundation is associated with the Badges for Baseball Program, which is available in Northern Virginia. Participating in the program is a superior way to satisfy your baseball/softball team’s coaching and mentoring needs. The people that serve as coaches and mentors are actually members of law enforcement, which is a positive thing for community relations as well.


When it comes to realizing your youth baseball/softball dreams, financing and fundraising initiatives are undoubtedly two concerns that you may be wrestling with. One way to get a head start on both is to investigate the Baseball Tomorrow Fund. It is a nationwide grant program that’s designed to help those engaged in youth baseball and softball initiatives. The monies may be used for field acquisition and development as well as equipment procurement. There are typically four grant deadlines each year. They tend to occur in January, April, July and October. Full information about the program, including an application, is available online through the MLB Community. If you are not eligible for that grant, other financial resources to consider are Good Sports, the Little League Urban Initiative and the Cal Ripken Sr. Foundation. Information about them and their application processes are readily available online too.

Baseball Backstop/Field Installation

Once you’ve got those issues under control, consider contacting a local family owned and operated company. As far as baseball backstop and fence installation professionals go, there's no better choice in Northern Virginia than Beitzell Fence. For more information:

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