Landscaping Magic: Softenting Stone Garden Walls | Rockville, MD

When landscapers need to hold back the earth from getting all up in your business, they use a retaining wall. The same holds true for gardens with the addition of stone garden walls. However, landscapers have a trick up their sleeve. They can make the stone look soft (so to speak). Here's how. 

Install A Water Feautre

Use the wall as a backdrop for a water feature such as a fountain or waterfall. Add a few potted ferns or mother-in-law’s tongues around the water feature, and then place lights on the wall to help showcase it. A strand of lanterns or rope-style LED lights would work very nicely in this instance. 

Use Plants

One of the best ways of dressing up a stone wall is with the use of plants. You could use either climbing vines or shrubs to partially cover the wall, or attach brackets and then add hanging baskets. Another idea would be to attach shelves at varying heights, and then place potted containers on them, and this is an excellent choice if you would also like to add a variety of textures and colors to your wall. 

Get Artistic

Create some natural works of art and then display them on or near your wall. A grapevine wreath along with an arrangement of wild flowers, pinecones and cattails in a barrel-shaped wicker basket will help provide a rustic look that is nonetheless comforting and inviting. 

A stone garden wall doesn’t have to detract from the overall look of your property. For more landscaping ideas and to see how you can have a stone garden wall installed for your home: 

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