Affordable and Durable: Chain Link Fences | Leesburg, VA

Sometimes, you have to think realistically about your fence options. And when your wallet is tight but you still crave quality, there's no better option than going the traditional route of installing a chain link fence. 

The Affordability Doesn't Mean Less Protection

You might think going with a traditional chain link fence means less protection. Just because chain link fences are more affordable, it doesn't take away from how attractive they look while still keeping intruders out of your yard.

Durability During the Winter

While wooden fences have their own advantages, a chain link fence doesn't require heavy maintenance like wood does. Most of all, chain link fences hold up well under the toughest conditions. That's because they're made of zinc coating that prevent corrosion when you live in climates with heavy rains or snows.

Once spring arrives, you also won't have to worry about repainting or staining your fence. A simple high-pressure hose with water and a brush can remove stains that happen to be on your chain link fence from extreme weather. This usually takes no more than a few minutes of your time without requiring anything overly physical.

Keep in mind that you can also apply vinyl coating to your chain link fence for better weatherization protection. 

Variations on the Chain Link Fence

One thing about chain link fences that you may not remember is the ability to provide more gauge thickness, which you can customize. If you want added security and less ability to see through, the heavier gauge may be your best bet. Also, the wire mesh dimensions can be customized so your chain link fence can be made more durable to ward off intruders.

Once you choose a chain link fence, you'll see that going back to the basics usually has more advantages than you remembered. For a local fence installation company that can build you your very own chain link fence:

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