Fence Defeats Termites and Pesky HOA | Fairfax, VA

Which is worse? HOAs or termites? While the little critters can be devastating to a home, a pesky HOA can stand in the way of how you want to live your life. Here's how they were handled in Fairfax, VA.


Local fence company Beitzell Fence made the commitment to construct a fence that would abide by the standards set by the neighborhood HOA. With the cooperation of the client all guidelines were adhered to which gave this home 220 feet of quality wood fence with the following specs

  • 4 feet high
  • picket style
  • gothic posts with dips


But that's not all! All the lumber used was pressure-treated to prevent termite infestation and wood rot. Apparently, termites don't like the taste of pressure-treated wood, thus preventing the fence from becoming a snack for the little buggers.

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