5 Patio Design and Outdoor Furniture Tips

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Your home away from home can be as close as your backyard. Using these 5 tips for improving your outdoor oasis can provide much comfort during the warm weather months.

Go Easy on the Eyes

For landscapes with a lot of plant types and textures, don't overdo it with eye-boggling cushion patterns and go with something simple.

Keep a Cool Head

Patios with a ceiling may be great for keeping out the rain, but in the heat they will dry you out. Install a fashionable ceiling fan to get the air circulating.

Keep the Lights On

Natural light fades fast and without the proper lighting, all of your fancy outdoor furniture will mean nothing if you can't see where you are. Install a pendant light fixture or another source of light to keep the party going. 

Front Yard Fun

Why not have a patio in the front yard too? If you're not on bad terms with your neighbors, this could be a great way to interact. You can do this and create a sense of privacy by using mid-height containers to act as borders and a small plant bed to give the eye a smooth transition from the patio to your lawn.

Add Water

Make your backyard oasis an actual oasis by adding a water feature. Not only is it soothing to hear the running of water, but with a circular patio surrounding it you'll have a focal point for your next get-together

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