Pergola Ideas For Your Garden Or Patio

A pergola is a perfect solution for adding privacy and structure to your yard.

There is a vast variety of pergola styles and uses, so you may feel overwhelmed when installing one around your home. Better Homes and Gardens magazine has provided a guide to selecting and decorating your pergola so that you aren't lost in the process.

The first step is to choose the right spot for your pergola. You can use it to provide shade in your garden, or to cover a patio. Pergolas are also useful in entrances, making an attractive transition from your landscape to your interior.

Next, it is important to decide on the style and material of your pergola. Get creative! You can make a pergola funky and modern, or give it a rustic look. When choosing a material, you can experiment with options like bamboo to give your pergola a unique look.

You will also want to experiment with the function of your pergola. Give it a tin roof to create a haven from the rain, or hang baskets of flowers from the top to complement your garden.  A pergola can have much more purposes than just decoration.

For more inspiration for your next garden project see the full slide show here: Add Interest to Your Yard With a Pergola