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After your expert garden designer assists you with setting up your garden design to get the perfect amount of sun, shade, water, and arranged for the optimal amount of draining, there are some basic tips that rookies and master gardeners alike can use for healthy gardening.

Preparing for Mother Nature

Sometimes Mother Nature has been known to throw a curveball at gardeners. Preparation is the key. There are three key curveballs Mother Nature has been known to use that can wreak havoc on your garden: rain, sun, and frost. If we enter a wet spell, you can put cups in your garden to catch the rain so it doesn't saturate the soil and drown your fledgling plants. If we enter a dry spell, try creating artificial shade with a tasteful tarp that can also pass as a decoration. Finally, Mr. Jack Frost doesn't visit very often, but just in case he does, you can use that decorative tarp to shield your sensitive plants from his devastating effects.

Organic Pest Repellant

If you are growing something delicious in your garden then other creatures (insects and/or animals) will probably try to eat it before you have a chance to pick it. A quick trip to your local home improvement store will probably yield only limited options. If you're serious about healthy gardening, then local experts can help you evaluate healthier options. They might suggest ladybugs to fight off your aphids, special barriers to keep out the hungry deer, and incredible flowers (like marigolds and nasturtium) that have natural bug-repellant properties.

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