Save Time On Your Garden With This Fancy Gadget

If you're a gardening neat freak, you are going to love this gadget! It looks cool, weighs next to nothing, and collects all your yard trimmings.


One problem that frustrates many gardeners is the mess that comes from trimming the hedges.

With a marvelous apparatus called The Garden Groom Pro, you won't need to worry about that anymore. The Garden Groom can handle the thickest branches, shrubs, and hedges due to its .8" cutting diameter. And, most importantly, it comes with a grass catcher to capture all the debris that now will not be hurtling toward your face. 

Not only does this save you a heap of cleanup time, the clippings are conveniently captured and can be used for compost -- you can hold up to 700 square feet of clippings.

The Garden Groom Pro used to be $159.95, but now it retails for $139.95!

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