Five Blueberry Growing Tips For Your Garden

Blueberry pies, blueberry pancakes, and yes, even blueberry beer! The anti-oxidant rich, mildly sweet, and forever-satisfying fruit can be used for just about any and all things that involve friends, family, and front porch relaxation.

If your garden doesn't have a hue of blue, you're missing out! But not to worry, this article from HGTV has all the tips you'll need to get your landscaping on the BIV-end of the color spectrum.  

But to get you started, here are the basics:

  1. Container planting is the best way to grow blueberries in undesireable conditions and/or landscapes
  2. Remember, blueberries like moisture
  3. Plant several varieties of blueberries for a longer season and a bigger yield
  4. You won't have to prune young blueberry plants for the first three years
    • Healthy blueberry plants can fruit for 15 to 20 years before slowing down
  5. Protect your blueberries by draping a large piece of netting over any kind of framework, like an extra-large tomato cage

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